Grow your business,
not your debt

PayVus makes it possible.

PayVus SMB Business Credit Card

Introducing the PayVus Visa Business Credit Card

A line of credit, a lifeline for your business.

Getting access to credit can be hard and traditional credit solutions generally involve incurring large amounts of debt and paying high interest fees, which impact your ability to reinvest in and run your business.

PayVus is changing all that by giving you an innovative, new business credit card solution that allows you to build credit and increase your spending and saving power without increasing your debt.

A better way to fund your business and do more with your money.

Enjoy all the credit card benefits
Without the credit card pitfalls

PayVus is more than just a card.

The simple way to improve your cash flow and reinvest in your business.


Your customers pay you with cards as they normally do.


You designate a portion of those funds received to be automatically deposited into your PayVus account each day. The remaining funds go into your business bank account. Since your PayVus account receives regular direct deposits, it’s possible to pay no interest on purchases.


Your PayVus deposits are available immediately along with your line of credit, to spend on all the things you need to run your business.


You build credit history, improve your credit score, and increase your credit limit without paying interest and accumulating debt.

PayVus delivered
in a big way for me
and my business.

Within 12 months of using the card, I paid off two personal credit cards that I had been using to pay for business expenses, and I avoided paying any interest on the credit purchases I made for my business with the PayVus card.
Addario’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling

PayVus gives
me more

PayVus enables me to do more with the money coming out of my merchant account and to be more strategic about how I cover my expenses. I may never have to tap into my PayVus line of credit, but the money is there if I do need it, and that is another part of PayVus’ flexibility that I appreciate.​
La Cima Mexican Cuisine Bar & Grill​


Get the tools you need to take control of your business funding and do more with your money.

Merchant Acquirers, ISOs and Service Providers - offer PayVus to your customers.


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